Plenary Speakers

Technology Inflection Points in Logic Semiconductor Technology : What is Next?

Opportunities and Challenges of Emerging Memory In The Era of All About Data

1. Nanoscale Thin Film Deposition

Controlling Atomic Layer Deposition for Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing

2. CMP & Cleaning

Scaling Down and Stacking Up: How the Trends in Semiconductors are affecting Chemical-Mechanical Planarization (CMP)

3. High Functional Etching

Dry Etch Technologies for Next Generation Small Pitch Patterning at EUV Lithography Era

4. Advanced Lithography

0.33 NA EUV Systems for High-Volume Manufacturing

5. 3D Heterogeneous Package

Chips, Dies, Chiplets and Dielets and Heterogeneous Integration (of course!)

6. Nanoanalysis, Diagnosis and MI

Metrology and Inspection Challenges with EUV Patterning at Advanced Nodes