Invited Speakers

KISM 2022 Topics
1. Nanoscale Thin Film Deposition 2. CMP & Cleaning
3. High Functional Etching 4. Advanced Lithography
5. Heterogeneous Integration Package 6. Nanoanalysis, Diagnosis and MI
Special Topic : Memory Device Roadmap
1. Nanoscale Thin Film Deposition

Optimization of Semiconductor Device Characteristics using Nano-scale Thin Film Deposition

  • Dr. Hanjin Lim

    Samsung Co., Ltd., Korea

Overview of ALD/CVD Precursors for Semiconductor Manufacturing

New ALD Chemistry for Metal Films and Area Selective Deposition

  • Prof. Makku Leskala

    Univ. of Helsinki, Finland

Atomic-Scale Manufacturing Sing Selective Atomic Layer Deposition and Etching

  • Prof. Adrie Mackus

    Eindhoven Univ. of Tech., Netherlands

Applications of Atomic Layer Process (ALP) and Supercritical Fluid Deposition (SCFD) for Future Devices

  • Prof. Yukihiro Shimogaki

    Univ. of Tokyo, Japan

2. CMP & Cleaning

Trends of Wet Material for Cleaning/CMP Process and the Future

  • Dr. Hyosan Lee

    Samsung Co., Ltd., Korea

Challenges in Selective Silicon Nitride Etching for 3D NAND Integration

  • Prof. Sangwoo Lim

    Yonsei Univ., Korea

3. High Functional Etching
  • Prof. Bert Ellingboe

    Dublin City Univ., Ireland

Conductor Etch process - a technical review

Nanoscale Dry Processes for Controlling Atomic Layer Reactions and Fabrication of High-Aspect-Ratio Features

  • Prof. Kenji Ishikawa

    Nagoya Univ., Japan

The Use of Fluorinated Ethers for Plasma Etching of SiO2

  • Prof. Chang-Koo Kim

    Ajou Univ., Korea

Metal-assisted chemical etching as a sustainable manufacturing process for wafer scale uniform semiconductor nanostructures

  • Prof. Munho Kim

    Nanyang Tech. Univ., Singapore

  • Dr. Jong Chul Park

    Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Korea

4. Advanced Lithography
  • Dr. Chan Hwang

    Samsung Co., Ltd., Korea

  • Prof. Greg Denbeaux

    SUNY Polytechnic Inst., USA

Lenless Imaging Methods for EUV Actinic Mask Metrology

  • Dr. Yasin Ekinci

    Paul Scherrer Inst., Switzerland

Extension of EUV Lithography Technology for Next Patterning Solutions

5. 3D Heterogeneous Package
  • Prof. Rino Choi

    Inha Univ., Korea

  • Dr. Jong Hoon Kim

    SK Hynix, Korea

Heterogeneous 3D Integration Technology for Future Information Systems

  • Prof. Mitsumasa Koyanagi

    Tohoku Univ., Japan

  • Dr. Seung-Chul Song

    Google, USA

6. Nanoanalysis, Diagnosis and MI
  • Prof. Yifang Chen

    Fudan Univ., China

  • Dr. Sandip Halder

    IMEC, Belgium

  • Dr. Seolhye Park

    Samsung Co., Ltd., Korea

  • Dr. Younghoon Sohn

    Samsung Co., Ltd., Korea

  • Prof. Hyung-Tak Seo

    Ajou Univ., Korea

  • Dr. Byoung-Ho Lee

    Hitachi High-Tech Corp., Japan

Special Topic : Memory Device Roadmap

Memory Technology 2022 and Beyond

  • Dr. Jeongdong Choe

    Techlnsights, Canada