Invited Speakers

KISM 2022 Topics
1. Nanoscale Thin Film Deposition 2. CMP & Cleaning
3. High Functional Etching 4. Advanced Lithography
5. Heterogeneous Integration Package 6. Nanoanalysis, Diagnosis and MI
7. Electronic Materials, Devices and Related Technology Special Topic : Memory Device Roadmap
1. Nanoscale Thin Film Deposition

Optimization of Semiconductor Device Characteristics Using Nano-Scale Thin Film Deposition

  • Dr. Hanjin Lim

    Samsung Co., Ltd., Korea

Thin Film Process Engineering for Continued Memory Device Scaling

Overview of ALD Precursors for Semiconductor Manufacturing

New ALD Chemistry for Metals and Area Selective Deposition

  • Prof. Makku Leskala

    Univ. of Helsinki, Finland

Atomic-Scale Manufacturing Using Selective Atomic Layer Deposition and Etching

  • Prof. Adrie Mackus

    Eindhoven Univ. of Tech., Netherlands

2. CMP & Cleaning

Trends of Wet Material for Cleaning/CMP Process and the Future

  • Dr. Hyosan Lee

    Samsung Co., Ltd., Korea

Challenges in Chemical Mechanical Planarization for Advanced Memory Devices

Hybrid CMP Slurry Supply Using Ionization and Atomization

  • Prof. Hae Do Jeong

    Pusan Nat’l Univ., Korea

Development of a Membrane Process for Small Particle Removal in CMP Slurry and Post-CMP Cleaning

  • Prof. Taesung Kim

    Sungkyunkwan Univ., Korea

Overall Requirements for Wet Chemical and CMP Materials in Foundry Business

  • Dr. Inyu Jung

    Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Korea

New Cleaning Solution Concepts for Advanced Technologies - from Chemical Supplier View

Challenges in Selective Silicon Nitride Etching for 3D NAND Integration

  • Prof. Sangwoo Lim

    Yonsei Univ., Korea

Scavenger with Protonated Phosphite Ion for Incredible Nanoscale ZrO2-Abrasive Dispersant Stability Enhancement and Related Tungsten-Film Surface Chemical–Mechanical Planarization

  • Prof. Jeagun Park

    Hanyang Univ., Korea

Post CMP Cleaning; Its Trend and Challenges

  • Prof. Jin Goo Park

    Hanyang Univ., Korea

Oxide Polishing Mechanism of Nanoceria

  • Dr. Nomura Satoyuki

    Showa Denko, Japan

Polishing Selectivity Control for Scratch Free Nanoceria Slurry

  • Dr. Iwano Tomohiro

    Showa Denko, Japan

3. High Functional Etching

80 nm-Line Etching of Copper Thin Films Using Ethylenediamine/Acetic Acid/Ar Gas Mixture

  • Prof. Chee Won Chung

    Inha Univ., Korea

Why you should use Hairpin-Probe and Not Langmuir-Probe for Negative-Ion Density via Laser Photo-Detachment

  • Prof. Bert Ellingboe

    Dublin City Univ., Ireland

Reaction Kinetics of Thermal ALE in High Aspect Ratio Hafnium Oxide Structures

  • Dr. Andreas Fischer

    Lam Research Corp., Korea

Conductor Etch Process - A Technical Review

Alternative Approach for Low Temperature Copper Dry Etching with Large Sized ECR Plasma Source

  • Prof. Munpyo Hong

    Korea Univ., Korea

Plasma Diagnostic-Based Semiconductor Process Simulation

  • Prof. Yeon-Ho Im

    Jeonbuk Nat'l Univ., Korea

Nanoscale Dry Processes for Controlling Atomic Layer Reactions and Fabrication of High-Aspect-Ratio Features

  • Prof. Kenji Ishikawa

    Nagoya Univ., Japan

The Story of Plasma Patterning

The Use of Fluorinated Ethers for Plasma Etching of SiO2

  • Prof. Chang-Koo Kim

    Ajou Univ., Korea

Metal-Assisted Chemical Etching as a Sustainable Manufacturing Process for Wafer Scale Uniform Semiconductor Nanostructures

  • Prof. Munho Kim

    Nanyang Tech. Univ., Singapore

Prospects of Atomic Layer Process: Past, Present, & Future

  • VP. YunSang(YS) Kim

    SEMES, Korea

Independent Effect of Each Plasma Parameter on High Aspect Ratio (HAR) Oxide Etching Process at Low Frequency Bias Power Using ICP System

  • Prof. Kwang Ho Kwon

    Korea Univ., Korea

Phase Resolved Plasma Dynamics of RF Capacitively Coupled Plasma Using Particle Trajectory Analysis

  • Prof. Hae June Lee

    Pusan Nat'l Univ., Korea

Atomic Layer Modification/Etching of 2-Dimensional MoS2 Semiconductor Material

  • Prof. Geun Young Yeom

    Sungkyunkwan Univ.,, Korea

Data-Informed Advanced Plasma Equipment/Process Control Technologies for Etch Process

  • Dr. Jung Sik Yoon

    KFE, Korea

4. Advanced Lithography

Challenges and Chances on EUV Lithography

  • Dr. Chan Hwang

    Samsung Co., Ltd., Korea

Extension of EUV Lithography Technology for Next Patterning Solutions

Controlling EUV Resist Stochastics

  • Prof. Greg Denbeaux

    SUNY Polytechnic Inst., USA

Lensless EUV metrology for advanced lithography

  • Dr. Yasin Ekinci

    Paul Scherrer Inst., Switzerland

EUV Sources and Their Applications

Defect-Free EUV Patterning Using a Dry Deposited and Dry Developed EUV Photoresist System

EUV Under-Layer Development and Challenges

  • Mr. Shimizu Sho

    Nissan Chemicals, Japan

5. 3D Heterogeneous Package

3D Package Technology, "The new boundary of Si and Package technology"

  • Dr. Daewoo Kim

    Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Korea

Heterogeneous Integration in Memory Application and the Contribution of Electronic Packaging Technology

  • Dr. Jong Hoon Kim

    SK Hynix, Korea

Tiling Bonding Process, Enabling Technology for Chiplet Integration

3-Dimensional Integration with High Interconnection Density

  • Prof. Rino Choi

    Inha Univ., Korea

Heterogeneous 3D Integration Technology for Future Information Systems

  • Prof. Mitsumasa Koyanagi

    Tohoku Univ., Japan

6. Nanoanalysis, Diagnosis and MI

SEM Technology for 3D Measurement of High Aspect Ratio Structure

  • Dr. Younghoon Sohn

    Samsung Co., Ltd., Korea

Methodologies in Determining Physical Characterization of Semiconductor Process Using In-line Analysis Tools

Recent Progress in Nanofabrications of T-Gates for InP-HEMTs by Electron Beam Lithography at Fudan University

  • Prof. Yifang Chen

    Fudan Univ., China

How to Implement Thin Film Device Characterization to Accelerate Manufacturing R&D – Much Faster, Chipper but More Accurate

  • Mr. Joon-Young Choi

    SurplusGLOBAL, Korea

MI: The Key of Semiconductor Processes

  • Dr. Byoungho Lee

    Hitachi-hightech, Japan

PI-VM: The Most Efficient Way to Control the Plasma Processes in Mass Production with Data-Driven Plasma Science

  • Dr. Seolhye Park

    Samsung Display Co., Ltd., Korea

Precise Spectroscopic Analysis on Ultrathin Oxide Layer and Interfaces for Advanced ICs and Emerging Devices

  • Prof. Hyung-Tak Seo

    Ajou Univ., Korea

7. Electronic Materials, Devices and Related Technology

Magnetic Skyrmion Device

  • Prof. Soong Geun Je

    Chonnam Nat'l Univ., Korea

Coupled Spin-Charge Transport in Noncentrosymmetric Systems

Special Topic : Memory Device Roadmap

Memory Technology 2022 and Beyond

  • Dr. Jeongdong Choe

    Techlnsights, Canada